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Review Of Concepts From Chapter 16.[print questions]

In Byzantium, the ________ provided land to peasants in exchange for military service.
a) corvée labor system
b) theme system
c) military draft
d) emperor

Caesaropapism was
a) the effort by the pope to assert control over the western Roman empire.
b) the effort by Julius Caesar to assert control over the Catholic church.
c) the effort by Constantine to reign as emperor and actively control ecclesiastical affairs.
d) the effort by the pope to assert control over the eastern Roman empire.

From the fall of Rome to the twelfth century, ________ was the political and economic powerhouse of the Mediterranean region.
a) Spain
b) France
c) The Byzantine Empire
d) Greece

The most important relationship in feudalism was between
a) king and pope.
b) serf and pope.
c) lord and retainer.
d) serf and merchant.

Which of the following statements is NOT correct about Charlemagne?
a) He instituted the missi dominici.
b) He actively supported the popes.
c) He established a capital at Aachen.
d) He was mistrustful of intellectual pursuits.

In the early middle ages, the economic activity of western Europe was
a) efficient and fast.
b) commercial and urban.
c) predominantly agricultural.
d) based on long-distance trade.

The term feudalism
a) refers to feuds between aristocratic families, which had become a social norm.
b) means a political and social order that was highly centralized.
c) None of these answers is correct
d) is a term that has fallen out of favor and no longer used by among historians.

The most important catalyst for increased Byzantine influence in Russia was
a) the development of the Cyrillic alphabet.
b) military and economic aid to Russian leaders from Byzantium.
c) the visits of Russian merchants to Constantinople.
d) the arrival of Viking Rulers in Kiev.

In 1054 C.E., the patriarch of the Byzantine church and the Catholic pope
a) mutually excommunicated each other, creating a schism that continues today.
b) fielded armies to battle each other.
c) lent mutual support to the first crusade.
d) met to reconcile the two traditions.

Emperor Leo III inaugurated the divisive ecclesiastical policy of
a) caesaropapism.
b) iconoclasm.
c) translating the Bible into German.
d) insisting that the patriarch of Constantinople was superior to the pope in Rome.

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