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The group in the experiment used to make comparisons
a) conclusions
b) independent variable
c) experimental group
d) control group

Summary of the experiment
a) observations
b) dependent variable
c) conclusion
d) independent variable

Steps used to solve a problem are
a) observations
b) the scientific method
c) a conclusion
d) the independent variable

Data collected using the senses is
a) observations
b) scientific method
c) conclusion
d) independent variable

A new hypothesis may be made when
a) too many hours are being spent gathering equipment
b) an experiment demonstrates the hypoghesis to be false
c) there is not enough time to do the experiment
d) the equipment breaks down and does not work

A conclusion in the scientific method is based on what
a) a commitee thought would be a reasonable answer
b) was observed in the experiment
c) theories in the past had been proposed
d) a person expected what would happen

The hypothesis is
a) a list of mterials needed in the experiment
b) always right
c) the last part of the experiment
d) an educated guess

The scientific method
a) should only be used for the most complex problems
b) is not very useful today
c) is seldom used by people doing research
d) could be used by almost anyone

While following the steps of the scientific method, when are measurement taken?
a) just before the hypothesis
b) during the experimental stage
c) right after a scientific law is composed
d) half way through developing a theory

Once a question to investigate has been identified, what comes next?
a) experiment
b) conclusion
c) hypothesis
d) get materials

The variable the person changes (manipulated)
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) constant varibles
d) conclusion

Variable that is measured in the experiment
a) Dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) constant variables
d) conclusion

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