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In this relationship, one species benefits while the other is unaffected
a) symbiosis
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

In this relationship, both species benefits
a) Mutualism
b) symbiosis
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

Full range of physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and the way in which an organism uses those conditions. Also known as an organisms Job
a) Ecological Succession
b) Trophic Level
c) Niche
d) Symbiosis

Any relationship between two species that live closely together
a) Symbiosis
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

which of the following IS NOT a biogeochemical cycle?
a) Carbon
b) Nitrogen
c) water
d) energy

The amount of living tissue within each trophic level can be shown as
a) a pyramid of energy
b) a pyramid of biomass
c) a pyramid of numbers
d) abiotic factors

About how much energy is available to the next trophic level in a pyramid of energy?
a) 10%
b) 90%
c) 50%
d) 2%

Elements, chemical compounds, and other forms of matter are cycled through the biosphere are called
a) Trophic levels
b) biomass
c) ecological succession
d) biogeochemical cycles

Succession that occurs on soil is called
a) Primary succession
b) secondary succession
c) Symbiosis
d) Climate

Succession that occurs on bare rock is known as
a) Primary succession
b) Ecological succession
c) Secondary succession
d) Communities

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