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In Natural Selection, the population that survives has
a) heritible traits that very few members of the population inherit
b) a single member which has a mutation
c) heritable traits most suitable to the environment
d) a resistance to change

How does taxonomy assist biologists?
a) by reducing life to its smallest common denominator, the cell
b) by categorizing diverse items into smaller and smaller numbers of groups
c) by providing easily remembered scientific names for organisms
d) by allowing us to create catchy rap songs about classification

Taxonomy is the ______.
a) study of organisms and their interaction with the environment
b) study of cells
c) naming and classifying of species
d) study of genes

Antibiotic resistance evolves in bacteria because ______.
a) farmers do not use enough antibiotics in animal feed
b) the antibiotics create resistance genes in bacteria
c) the presence of antibiotics favors bacteria that already have genes for resistance
d) none of the above

How do hypotheses differ from theories?
a) Theories must be testable; hypotheses do not need to be testable.
b) Theories are more comprehensive than hypotheses.
c) Hypotheses are derived from experimentation, whereas theories are derived from observation.
d) Hypotheses are educated guesses, and theories are tentative explanations.

In a scientific experiment, the control group ______.
a) serves as a basis of comparison with the experimental group
b) allows for the simultaneous testing of multiple variables
c) is subjected to the factor whose effect is being tested
d) is required for the validity of discovery science

Which of the following has the proper components of the scientific method in order?
a) observation, question, opinion, conclusion, hypothesis
b) experiment, conclusion, application
c) question, observation, experiment, analysis, prediction
d) observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, results, conclusion

You try to start your car, but it does not start. Which of these is a prediction?
a) If I recharge the battery, then my car will start.
b) My car's battery is dead.
c) What is wrong with my car?
d) My car is too old to function properly.

You try to start your car, but it does not start. Which of these is a hypothesis?
a) What is wrong with my car?
b) My car's battery is dead.
c) If I recharge the battery, then my car will start.
d) My car is too old to function properly.

Trans fats are
a) healthy products.
b) are necessary to prevent heart attacks.
c) are natural products.
d) have been linked to increased risk of heart attacks.

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