Chapter 1 Introduction: Biology Today Part 1 Of 4 Question Preview (ID: 15717)

Campbell Essential Biology, 4e (Simon/Yeh).[print questions]

Which of the following is not recycled but is lost from ecosystems?
a) energy
b) nitrogen
c) magnesium
d) carbon

What are the two main processes that ecosystems depend upon?
a) speciation and evolution
b) decomposition and nutrient recycling
c) nutrient recycling and energy flow
d) sunlight and photosynthesis

Which of the following is not a property of life?
a) Organisms reproduce their own kind.
b) Living things exhibit complex but ordered organization.
c) Organisms take in energy and use it to perform all of life's activities.
d) Populations of organisms rarely change over time.

In what way(s) is the science of biology influencing and changing our culture?
a) by helping us understand the relevance of evolution to human health
b) by revealing how mutations in genes can lead to disease
c) by providing new tools for forensic investigations
d) all of the above

What is biology?
a) the scientific study of the environment
b) the scientific study of life
c) the scientific study of DNA
d) the scientific study of ecosystems

Which of the following is a producer?
a) cat
b) oak tree
c) sun
d) earthworm

Humans are ______.
a) consumers
b) producers and consumers
c) producers
d) producers and decomposers

Which of the following structures can perform all the activities required for life?
a) DNA molecules
b) organelles
c) nuclei
d) cells

Relative to prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells are usually ______.
a) smaller and simpler
b) smaller and more complex
c) larger and more complex
d) larger and equally complex

Humans are composed of ______ cells.
a) plant
b) prokaryotic
c) eukaryotic
d) bacterial

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