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When constructing a graph, where is the independent variable located?
a) x-axis
b) y-axis
c) along the top
d) not on a graph

What is the line of best fit?
a) a trend line
b) a x-axis line
c) a y-axis line
d) a line through the middle of the graph

What step should you take after creating a hypothesis?
a) experiment
b) identify a problem
c) analyze data
d) come to a conclusion

Why would a scientist change their hypothesis?
a) new technology or developments occur
b) experiment does not work
c) not enough data
d) experiment proves it is false

Which term describes the information that a scientist gathers during an investigation?
a) data
b) hypothesis
c) observation
d) variable

A scientist experiments with lab rats in a controlled experiment about how the amount of exercise affects the body mass of lab rats. What is the independent variable of the experiment?
a) amount of exercise
b) amount of food given to rats
c) type of food given
d) size of rats enclosure

Which statement best describes science?
a) a study of natural events and conditions
b) a list of facts
c) a complete explanation
d) a collection of knowledge about Earth

What must a good scientist do before accepting a scientific explanation?
a) Consider the evidence, make observations, and determine the logic
b) Read the latest scientific article on the explanation
c) perform an experiment in this area
d) talk to a scientist

What is empirical evidence?
a) observations and data gathered during scientific investigations
b) opinions of scientists and researchers
c) predictions based on previous scientific investigations
d) scientific theories, laws, and other explanations

What is the difference between the independent and dependent variables in an experiment?
a) the independent variable is what you control, and the dependent variable is what changes as a result
b) the independent variable is always a number, and the dependent variable is never a number
c) the dependent variable is what the investigator controls, and the independent variable is what happens as a result of this
d) the dependent variable is found in the first column of a table, and the independent variable is found in the second

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