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Which of the following is NOT a way to be a good citizen?
a) Vote in elections
b) obey laws and community rules
c) throw trash on the ground
d) respect the rights and property of others

What is the date that Americans will never forget?
a) December 25, 2001
b) September 25, 2001
c) February 14, 2001
d) September 11, 2001

Who was Clara Barton?
a) married to the president
b) a woman who died when the World Trade Center was attacked
c) a nurse during the Civil War who started the Red Cross

The Four Chaplains were heroes because
a) they were first responders to the World Trade Center attack
b) they started the Red Cross
c) they kept people calm and took care of other before themselves after their ship was attacked in World War II

First responders are
a) the first people in line to vote
b) the first people in line for free food
c) the first pilots in the United States
d) the first emergency workers to arrive after a disaster

Todd Beamer was a hero who
a) helped write the Constitution
b) worked with a group of heroes to talk a plane from hijackers
c) helped free the slaves

The Constitution
a) ended the Civil War
b) established rules by which America would run
c) was a document that declared America free from British rule

The Declaration of Independence
a) a document that declared America free from British rule
b) ended the Civil War
c) established rules by which America would run

A heroic deed
a) helps others without thinking of yourself and your own safety
b) is done by someone with superpowers

An ordinary person CANNOT be
a) a hero
b) a citizen
c) a superhero

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