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What type of programming language is Visual Basic?
a) an assembly language
b) a machine language
c) an object-oriented language
d) a low-level language

Which window displays the application interface and allows objects to be added, deleted, and sized?
a) the Start window
b) the Design window
c) the Code window
d) the application window

Which area of the IDE contains controls that are used to create objects on the interface?
a) the Toolbox
b) the Start Page
c) the Solution Explorer window
d) the Properties window

Which area of the IDE is used to switch between the Design and Code windows?
a) the Toolbox
b) the Start page
c) the Solution Explorer window
d) the Properties window

Which is NOT a property of the Label control?
a) Name
b) Text
c) Font
d) Style

Which character begins a comment?
a) a colon
b) a double quotation mark
c) a single quotation mark
d) a question mark

Which is a difference in a form between the Design window and run time?
a) The controls on the form cannot be edited.
b) The form changes color.
c) The form gets much larger.
d) The form displays each object’s Name property.

Converting a program to a language the computer understands is a process called
a) closing.
b) conversion.
c) terminating.
d) compiling.

A set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task are called
a) a form.
b) statements
c) objects
d) an interface.

Together, the statements for an application are called
a) a form.
b) comments.
c) program code.
d) instructions.

A Click event procedure responds to
a) a mouse click.
b) the pressing of a key on the keyboard.
c) dragging the title bar.
d) the movement of the mouse.

Which statement indicates the end of an event procedure?
a) End
b) End Sub
c) End Procedure
d) Sub

Which type of statement is used in a procedure to change a value at run time?
a) a value statement.
b) a property statement
c) an object statement.
d) an assignment statement.

Which object is used to group related radio buttons?
a) a Label object
b) a GroupBox object
c) a MenuStrip object
d) a Button object

Which control object should be used when the user must select only one option from a set of options?
a) Button
b) Label
c) RadioButton
d) MenuStrip

Selecting from an IntelliSense list reduces the chance of typing errors in code.
a) true
b) false

The options displayed in an IntelliSense list depend on what was typed just before the dot.
a) true
b) false

The statement Me.lblMessage.Text=Hello! sets the (Name) property of the lblMessage Label object to Hello!.
a) true
b) false

The properties of an object can only be set in the Properties window of the IDE.
a) true
b) false

Comments affect the way statements execute.
a) true
b) false

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