7th Grade Socal Studies Unit Test 1 Part III Question Preview (ID: 15666)

Part III Of Review For Unit Test 1.[print questions]

Which of the following factors has been suggested as an explanation for the lack of economic growth in many poor nations?
a) The constraints imposed by dependency on the already-developed countries
b) an adequate level of social overhead capital
c) a steady rate of capital formation
d) the supply of human resources is too high

In France, a person drinks coffee imported from Brazil, works at a computer made in Japan, and uses gasoline from Saudi Arabia in a German automobile. This situation illustrates the concept of:
a) empathy
b) scarcity
c) interdependence
d) world citizenship

Which is a major characteristic of a pure market economy?
a) unrestricted competition
b) an oversupply of labor
c) strong government planning
d) regulated prices

Which of the following makes decisions about production in a command economy?
a) corporations
b) individuals
c) partnerships
d) government

Based on its Charter document, which of the following statements would the United Nations be least likely to agree with?
a) All nations of the world should agree to work together for the common good
b) Regardless of their background, all the world's citizens deserve a chance at achieving social and economic advancement
c) efforts to prevent war and futile, so there's no use in even trying to work together for peace
d) Modern technology can be used to make the world a better place.

President Obama's father worked for the government of what African nation?
a) Libya
b) South Africa
c) Kenya
d) Egypt

What is the name of the terrorist organization started by Osama Bin Ladin?
a) al jazeera
b) al queda
c) hamas
d) the shiites

Prior to being President, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush both had plenty of Middle East relations as a result of their business investments in what industry?
a) cocoa beans
b) textiles
c) antiquities collections
d) oil

The current U.S. Secretary of State ran as the Democratic nominee for President in 2004. Who is he?
a) George W. Bush
b) Colin Powell
c) Bill Clinton
d) John Kerry

Which country has been mentioned in the news recently as a nation the United States may soon find itself at war with?
a) Syria
b) Japan
c) Germany
d) Israel

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