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World Wildlife Foundation is found in
a) the Private Sector
b) the Public Sector
c) the Third Sector
d) the Internet

Which of the following is an example of a public sector organisation
b) NHS
c) Local plumber
d) a local charity eg Barbara McGill Trust

Which of the following is NOT a private sector organisation?

The aim of the Public Sector is to
a) make a profit
b) to assist those in need
c) to provide services for the UK
d) to protect animals

Private sector makes a profit by
a) fundraising
b) paying taxes
c) buying and selling goods and services
d) donations

This sector is mainly financed by donations, fund raising and sponsorship.
a) Private
b) Public
c) Third
d) Tesco

Aim of this sector is to make a profit
a) Private
b) Public
c) Third
d) Social Enterprise

An example of a private sector organisation is:
a) Carrick Academy
b) Cancer Research
c) Big Issue
d) Tesco

In the third sector, organisations are usually run by
a) the sole trader
b) the government
c) the partners
d) the Board of Trustees

This is sector is run by the government
a) Private
b) Public
c) Third
d) School

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