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What should you do when a lab is complete
a) Visit with my best friend
b) get out of the lab
c) fool around with the equipment
d) clean up and wash hands

Name one time you cannot use electricity
a) when cords are freyed
b) when parents are not home
c) when it is dark
d) on vacation

Lab Safety is:
b) Rules made up by mean teachers
c) Rules to keep us from getting hurt
d) Rules to take away all the fun

The curved upper surface of a liquid column
a) reuse
b) recycle
d) meniscus

materials converted into new products
a) reuse
b) recycle
c) disposal

the wise use and protection of natural resources
b) reuse
c) conservation
d) recycle

recovering items that would have been thrown away and finding another use for them
a) disposal
b) recycle
c) reuse

Material Safety Data Sheet, a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance
a) disposal
b) meniscus
c) reuse

The process of correctly throwing away or getting rid of something
a) recycle
b) reuse
c) disposal

Science IS...
a) just want we do in science class
b) Everything
c) all about space
d) a subject I don't need to know about

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