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Which is NOT a way to handle stress?
a) talk to a trusted adult
b) listen to relaxing music
c) exercise
d) shout, hit, and throw things

What is one way to manage your stress?
a) yell at the people around you
b) take a deep breath and try to clear your mind for a minute
c) get angry and throw things
d) do not talk to a trusted adult

If you are _________________, people can count on you.
a) smart
b) disrespectful
c) responsible
d) special

In what ways could you handle stress in a positive way?
a) not eat good meals
b) talk to a trusted adult
c) yell at your mom and dad
d) keep your anger inside and don't tell anyone

Which of the following is the best way to stay away from a bad situation?
a) don't think about it, just do it
b) say no, walk away, find a trusted adult
c) join in because you need bad friends
d) yell at the people and then try to stop them yourself

Which of the following examples demonstrates a positive influence of a TV commercial?
a) a child is picking on another child at school
b) a child is eating junk food
c) a child wants a violent iPad game because it seems to be cool
d) a child is nicely playing basketball with his friends

Which of the following is an appropriate behavior to show respect?
a) listening to what other people have to say
b) calling a classmate a name
c) interrupting a friend when they are talking
d) not making eye contact when a friend is talking to you

Someone who always tells the truth can be described as ______________.
a) trustworthy
b) mean
c) worried
d) a liar

When you describe a person as being honest, you are telling a _______________ of that person.
a) emotion
b) feeling
c) character trait
d) similar trait

What does the word special mean?
a) everyone is the same
b) being different from everyone else
c) taking care of chores
d) being polite to others

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