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Which word is something that has a curve?
a) curly
b) curli
c) corli
d) corly

Which word is an animal's hair?
a) fur
b) for
c) four
d) fuor

Which word means sections of an animal that have different color?
a) spots
b) spott
c) spote
d) spotte

Which word means the cover for birds?
a) feather
b) fether
c) fethear
d) feater

Which word means something pointy that can come from animals' head?
a) horns
b) hurns
c) jorns
d) jurns

Which word is a big reptile that has large teeth?
a) crocodile
b) cocrodile
c) cocodrile
d) crocodrile

Which word is an animal with a long neck?
a) giraffe
b) girafe
c) giraff
d) jiraffe

Which word is a big animal with a huge body?hi
a) hippopotamus
b) hipopotamus
c) hippotamus
d) hipoppotamus

Which word is an animal that lives in Australia?
a) kangaroo
b) kangaro
c) kangaaroo
d) cangaroo

Which word is a kind of bird?
a) ostrich
b) ostrech
c) hostrich
d) ustrich

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