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How can we prevent delivery issues during the Setup Phase if a guest buys?
a) Ask about dimensions of the guest's home, room, and discuss product size as well as height
b) Assume the height of the box needed by the guest and make the call for him/her
c) Tell the guest the drivers will move other furniture around for him/her
d) Tell the guest the drivers will take away an extra piece of furniture for the guest

Why do follow-up calls help you build a customer base?
a) Calling the customer gives you a chance to mention our Refer A Friend program again
b) It reminds the guest that they bought from Mattress Firm, but also that Mattress Firm remembers him/her
c) Few retailers care about the guest after they've acquired the guest's money, follow-up calls show superior customer service
d) All answers shown are correct

What important step can we take to ensure everything goes smoothly after the Setup in the case the guest buys?
a) Check over the written ticket to ensure the correct sort codes and delivery dates have been entered
b) Make follow-up calls, predelivery, 48 hours, 30 days, and 100 days
c) Stand behind our guarantees and go above and beyond to make our guests happy
d) All answers shown are correct

As part of our moments of truth, we should always do what after closing a sale?
a) Figure out how much commission we've made
b) Add the sale to our budget tracker
c) Write out a personalized thank you card
d) All the answers shown are correct

Towards the end of the Setup Phase, whether the guest purchases or not, we should always
a) Tell the guest we are the best mattress retailer in the world
b) Repeat our guarantees and policies
c) Ask the guest when they will be back for their mattress, or next mattress
d) Thank the guest for taking the time to stop in

What is our second step in the Setup Phase if the guest does not buy?
a) Take additional money off the sale price offered
b) Tell the guest where they can find similar products at other retailers
c) Invite and give an incentive for the guest to come back and purchase with us
d) Show the guest our competitive binder

What is the first step in the Setup Phase if the guest does not buy?
a) Give the guest a business card
b) Offer a crazy discount so the guest will come back to see you
c) Set up the guests future shopping experience with other retailers
d) Chase the guest out of the door, screaming they won't find a better deal!

Why does the Setup Phase provide us the opportunity to acquire additional guests apart from the one we're closing?
a) If the guest is happy he/she may come back again
b) We have the opportunity to pitch our Refer A Friend program, giving an actual incentive to the guest to send referrals in
c) We can ask the guest if anyone he/she knows needs a mattress too
d) If we give the current guest a crazy deal, he/she is sure to tell others about us

What is the second step of the Setup Phase when the guest buys?
a) Review our guarantees policies and set up the expectation that it takes 60-100 days for the mattress to fully break in
b) Make sure the guest has the correct size
c) Find a good delivery time for the guest
d) Explain that a guest may return his/her product outright

The first step in the Setup Phase if the guest buys is to
a) After writing the ticket, review the order to make sure I have the correct customer and product information
b) Go over final pricing with the guest
c) Show the guest how much he/she will save in total
d) Write up the ticket

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