FirmFive: Phase IV. Solve Question Preview (ID: 15558)

This Game Is Design To Help Associates Master The Solve Phase Of The FirmFive Buying Process.[print questions]

What is the first step of the Solve Phase in the FirmFive Buying Process?
a) Ask the customer to buy
b) Narrow down the selection to one product and ask the guest to buy
c) After a guest finds a product he/she likes, show a couple similar product to give the guest options
d) connect the needs/wants of the guest to a particular product

What is the first step we take when presented with an objection
a) overcome the objection
b) as a hypothetical question to remove the objection from the picture hypothetically
c) anticipate the objection and empathize with the guest
d) repeat the objection back to the guest to confirm understanding

When presented with an objection to our close, what should we always assume?
a) The objection is not a true objection
b) We have a price objection
c) The objection is merely a request for more information and may not even be a true objection
d) All answers shown are correct

When do we know we have a true objection?
a) When the guest answers yes to our hypothetical question
b) When the guest gives us the same objection twice
c) When the guest says the price is too high
d) When the guest leaves without buying

What do we do when the guest says no to our hypothetical question and gives us a new objection?
a) Repeat the new objection back to the guest to confirm understanding
b) Give the guest an incentive to buy now anyways
c) empathize with the guest
d) overcome the new objection

We can move on in the Solve Phase process once we've determine we have a true objection to
a) repeating back the true objection to confirm understanding and that we've heard the guest correctly
b) empathizing with the guest
c) overcoming the objection
d) giving the guest a business card

Once we have a true objection and have confirmed understanding and empathized with the guest we should
a) give an incentive to overcome the objection
b) provide a Mattress Firm advantage to overcome the objection
c) Show a different mattress that better meets the needs of the guest if comfort is the true objection
d) All the answers shown are correct

If the guest has indeed chosen his/her product but wants to wait to buy, you should
a) use our happiness guarantee to close, saying the guest can always return the mattress for a full refund
b) create urgency by providing a unique reason or incentive to buy today
c) provide reasons for why a guest should not buy at another retailer due to their lack of service of bad products
d) Give the guest a business card and ask them to come back to you when ready to buy

What are some moments of truth for the Solve Phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
a) Summarize how the product solves the guest's needs
b) Minimize you closing script
c) Treat all guests as is they have the same buying ability
d) All answers shown are correct

The purpose of the Solve Phase is to
a) Find a product that solves the needs of the guest for comfort and price
b) Sell the guest a mattress
c) Find the best deal for the guest
d) Figure out what is wrong with the guest's current mattress so you can solve his/her problem

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