FirmFive: Phase III. Build Value Question Preview (ID: 15555)

This Game Is Designed To Help Associates Master The Build Value Phase Of The FirmFive Buying Process.[print questions]

What is most important in preparing the guest for value building?
a) Properly qualifying the guest to understand what the guest finds valuable in the first place
b) Telling the guest when you're about to show them a great product
c) Presenting the high price first so they expect it to be a valuable product
d) Show the guest a poor product first so they can feel the difference when you show a good product

What local community service did Mattress Firm WI take part in recently, which we can use to build value with our guests?
a) Mattress Firm WI donated 500 mattresses to the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center at the WI State Fair Park
b) Mattress Firm is a proud sponsor of the Caine's Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge
c) Mattress Firm donates proceeds for some mattress purchases to help fight pancreatic cancer
d) All answers shown here are correct

Why is it so important to build value?
a) People buy when value outweighs price.
b) Building value reduces the need to discount.
c) Building value sets up a price expectation in the guest's mind.
d) All the answers shown are correct.

Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
a) We helped over a billion customers sleep happy last year!
b) We helped thousands of people sleep happy last year!
c) We helped our nation sleep better last year!
d) We helped over a million guests sleep happy last year!

Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
a) We have tremendous national buying power!
b) We have the national buying power of over a billion dollars
c) We have the national buying power of over a million dollars
d) Our national buying power is unmatched.

Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
a) We are in the Top 10 Bedding Retailers worldwide
b) We are the largest mattress retailer in the USA
c) We are the largest mattress retailer in the world!
d) We are one of the biggest mattress retailers there are!

Why does telling the Mattress Firm story add value for the guest?
a) The guest needs to like Mattress Firm personally as a company
b) Companies with long standing success are trusted for providing excellent future service
c) Guests want to be romaticized about how the industry came to be
d) Guests will not buy from companies they know little about

Why does telling the guests the features of a mattress alone mean little?
a) Features only equate to value for a guest when the benefits/advantages of those features are known
b) Many guests do not understand mattress jargon
c) Some features may have different benefits which may or may not be relative to the guest at hand
d) All the options shown are correct

How can we build value in the products that guest can see?
a) Show the guest product demos as a hands on way to see the benefits of mattress features
b) Explain the cooling properties of many foams
c) Tell the guest about foam densities
d) Show the guest a Tempur-Pedic Infomercial

What is the first step in the Build Value phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
a) Take the guest to the TOP mattress in their preferred comfort color
b) Reiterate the needs/wants of the guest
c) Take the guest to the most expensive mattress in the store
d) Start by explaining the best features you can find in a mattress

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