Mr. Smith Beginning Office Test Question Preview (ID: 15554)

Review Of Basic Office Terms And Parts Of The Word Screen.[print questions]

a __________ appears when you move your cursor over a command to see what the command is/does
a) screentip
b) command description
c) quick tip
d) hint

moving the cursor over a set of options so you can view the change without actually committing to it
a) live preview
b) quicktip
c) screentip
d) quick option

to create a copy of an object you use this shortcut
a) ctrl C
b) ctrl Copy
c) ctrl V
d) ctrl X

to paste an item that has been cut or copied you would use this shortcut
a) ctrl v
b) ctrl p
c) ctrl paste
d) ctrl c

to print something (you can use this outside of microsoft word too) you would use this shortcut
a) ctrl p
b) ctrl print
c) ctrl z
d) ctrl v

To create a copy of and delete an object, you would use this shortcut
a) ctrl X
b) ctrl C
c) ctrl V
d) ctrl booger

To undo the previous command you gave the computer, you push
a) ctrl Z
b) ctrl V
c) ctrl U
d) ctrl Undo

the task bar is part of Microsoft Office
a) false
b) true

when an item such as a picture, chart, or shape is selected, what appears at the top of the screen?
a) contextual tab
b) title bar
c) group
d) task command

there are usually 8 tabs on the word screen
a) true
b) false

the part of the word screen that appears directly below the tabs (it is the longest object on the word screen and contains commands for the tabs)
a) ribbon
b) bonnet
c) bow
d) necktie

when you click on a different tab, the ribbon stays the same
a) false
b) true

It is possible to add more commands to the quick access toolbar
a) true
b) false

What part of the word screen gives you access to commonly used commands?
a) Quick Access Toolbar
b) Tab
c) Ribbon
d) Task Bar

A ______ organizes the ribbon into similar commands
a) group
b) tab
c) command control
d) format painter

the status bar contains which of the following?
a) zoom
b) ribbon
c) minimize ribbon button
d) help button

the task bar shows you how many words are in your word document
a) false
b) true

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