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People’s unique way of life.
a) technology
b) culture
c) hunting
d) farming

A way of trading goods and services without money.
a) barter
b) trade
c) weaving
d) farming

What were the first crops grown in Mesoamerica?
a) wheat and barley
b) corn, beans and squash
c) tomatoes and potatoes
d) rice and millet

What were the first crops grown in Peru?
a) corn, beans and squash
b) wheat and barley
c) rice and millet
d) tomatoes and potatoes

Species name for modern humans.
a) Homo sapiens
b) Homo ergaster
c) Homo erectus
d) Homo habilis

Human-made objects, such as tools and jewelry.
a) fossils
b) organisms
c) artifacts
d) bones

First hominid to use and control fire.
a) Homo habilis
b) Homo sapiens
c) Homo ergaster
d) Homo erectus

First hominid to walk upright
a) Neanderthals
b) Homo habilis
c) Australopithecines
d) Homo sapiens

Skilled worker who makes goods by hand.
a) artisan
b) blacksmith
c) merchant
d) peasant

The system of writing that the Sumerian scribes created.
a) hieroglyphics
b) ideographics
c) cuneiform
d) glyphs

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