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This Game Was Designed To Help Students Review Basic English Structures.[print questions]

Where is Mike from?
a) He is Australian.
b) He has a big bike.
c) He is from Australia.
d) Yes, he is Australian.

Is Tom an engineer?
a) He is an engineer.
b) Yes, he is.
c) He is a dentist.
d) No, he is English.

How many dogs do you have?
a) I have one dog.
b) It is Joshua's dog.
c) It is a dog.
d) It is black.

What's your job?
a) Yes, I am a student.
b) It is my job.
c) He is from the USA.
d) I am a waitress.

What's her job?
a) He is a dentist.
b) She's a nurse.
c) She is English.
d) Her name is Susan.

Who is this?
a) This is Rob Adams.
b) He is Mexican.
c) It is a pen.
d) He is from Canada.

Whose bike is this?
a) Yes, it is my bike.
b) I have one bike.
c) It's Kate's bike.
d) No, it isn't.

How many books do you have?
a) They are books.
b) Yes, they are.
c) They are blue.
d) I have ten books.

How old are you?
a) I am a dentist.
b) I am from Canada.
c) I am eleven.
d) I am fine, thank you.

Whose backpack is this?
a) It is yellow.
b) No, it isn't.
c) It is my backpack.
d) Yes, it is a backpack.

Three plus seven equals
a) forty.
b) thirty.
c) twenty.
d) ten.

Fifteen plus three equals
a) thirteen.
b) eighteen.
c) twenty-eight.
d) twenty.

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