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Is Tom an engineer?
a) He is an engineer.
b) Yes, he is.
c) He is a dentist.
d) No, he is English.

How many dogs do you have?
a) I have one dog.
b) It is Joshua's dog.
c) It is a dog.
d) It is black.

What's your job?
a) Yes, I am a student.
b) It is my job.
c) He is from the USA.
d) I am a waitress.

What's her job?
a) He is a dentist.
b) She's a nurse.
c) She is English.
d) Her name is Susan.

Who is this?
a) This is Rob Adams.
b) He is Mexican.
c) It is a pen.
d) He is from Canada.

Whose bike is this?
a) Yes, it is my bike.
b) I have one bike.
c) It's Kate's bike.
d) No, it isn't.

How many books do you have?
a) They are books.
b) Yes, they are.
c) They are blue.
d) I have ten books.

How old are you?
a) I am a dentist.
b) I am from Canada.
c) I am eleven.
d) I am fine, thank you.

Where is Mike from?
a) He is Australian.
b) He has a big bike.
c) He is from Australia.
d) Yes, he is Australian.

Whose backpack is this?
a) It is yellow.
b) No, it isn't.
c) It is my backpack.
d) Yes, it is a backpack.

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