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Dawn Of Civ Quiz 2.[print questions]

The city of Sumer, located along the Persian Gulf, made significant contributions to future civilizations. Which of the following is NOT one of those contributions?
a) practice of polytheistic religion
b) development of a written language known as cuneiform
c) made writing tablets from clay
d) created three-man chariot

From which situation was Moses believed to have saved the Israelites?
a) the move from Ur in Babylon to Canaan
b) the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt
c) the swarms of locusts and flies in Egypt
d) the flooding caused by 40 days and 40 nights of rain

Zoroaster believed all of the following EXCEPT
a) Ahura Mazda represented the good in the world.
b) There was a constant struggle between good and evil forces.
c) It was necessary to perform good deeds and refrain from bad choices.
d) Several gods should be worshipped.

The heart of the Persian communication network existed due to the development of __________.
a) the telegraph
b) megaphones
c) the Pony Express
d) a high quality road system

Why did the flooding of the Tigris-Euphrates river system benefit civilizations that existed there?
a) The floods would destroy homes, which in turn had to be rebuilt.
b) Flooding would cause many people to drown
c) The floods would leave silt deposits behind, resulting in fertile soil.
d) Flooding would provide contaminated drinking water for domesticated animals.

The world's first civilization, the Sumerians, was located in the Fertile Crescent. Where was the Fertile Crescent located?
a) near the Continental Divide in North America
b) along the Amazon River in South America
c) north of China in Siberia
d) near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Southwest Asia

What was the Code of Law that consisted of 282 laws dealing with all areas of civilization?
a) The Ten Commandments
b) Hammurabi's Code
c) Sumerian cuneiform
d) Epic of Gilgamesh

Which of the following ruled a large empire in the Fertile Crescent from their capital at Nineveh?
a) Hittites
b) Assyrians
c) Chaldeans
d) Sumerians

The Phoenicians' major achievements included all of the following EXCEPT __________.
a) glassblowing
b) the construction of the Ishtar Gate and Hanging Gardens
c) an alphabet that influenced the Greek alphabet
d) the establishment of colonies along their trade route

What is the main idea in the Epic of Gilgamesh?
a) Mesopotamians sought to return to a nomadic lifestyle
b) Civilized lifestyles were inferior to the more untamed way of life.
c) There are certain behaviors associated with civilized life
d) The Mesopotamian civilization was barbaric.

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