FirmFive: Phase II. Compare Question Preview (ID: 15514)

This Game Is Designed To Help Associates Master The Compare Phase Of The FirmFive Buying Process.[print questions]

The first step in the Compare Phase of the FirmFive Buying Process is to:
a) explain the color coding on our showroom floor
b) transition to the Comparison Center as an exclusive, easy, & quick way to find the right mattress
c) ask the guest if he/she likes a firm, plush, or pillowtop mattress
d) ask the guest if they've ever tried Tempur-Pedic

After we've taken the guest to the Comparison Center, we:
a) have the guest test the yellow, orange, and red beds
b) ask the guest if he/she has tried a Tempur-Pedic before
c) verbally explain the differences between the different colored mattresses in our store
d) show an adjustable base

Which color do we always have our guests try first (assuming the guest doesn't object)?
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Orange
d) Yellow

What is the primary reason for properly executing the Compare Phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
a) Identify guests' needs & wants from a retailer, allowing the guest to compare our products/services
b) To find the right color preference
c) To show Tempur-Pedic
d) To explain how we beat every other competitor out there

Why is active listening most important in the Compare Phase in the FirmFive Process?
a) People like to talk, so they enjoy others who like to listen
b) The guest is giving us the information we need to find a solution to their mattress needs
c) It is important to make sure the guest feels like you care
d) Guests skirt around the truth so you have to listen closely

What type of qualifying questions are usually asked during the Compare Phase?
a) Surface & Problem Questions
b) Problem Questions
c) Probing Questions
d) Problem & Probing Questions

Why do we explain our Happiness Guarantees at the end of the Compare Phase?
a) So the guest understands that it is ok if he doesn't like the first bed he buys
b) So the guest will tell us early if he found a better price somewhere else
c) During the Compare Phase, we help the guest identify/compare needs he may not even know he had
d) The guest may want same day delivery and we have Red Carpet Delivery service!

Why do we ask at least 3 questions about the guest's sleep needs during the Compare Phase?
a) It is the most direct way to gather information about a guest's sleep needs
b) It reminds us to ask a lot of questions instead of talking too much
c) Every problem question should be followed w/ 2 probing questions when we listen actively
d) Guests like to talk about themselves

Why might careful attention to our F.I.Z. or POP Materials impact our success during the Compare Phase?
a) Guests want to see that there is a big sale going on
b) Guests don't want to lay down on a dirty bed
c) To truly compare our products/services as superior to our competitors, the guest must SEE this too
d) Guests may worry about purchasing from a store which appears to be managed poorly

Why should we make a BIG deal about the color coding in our stores?!!!
a) It is exclusive!!! Exclusive products/services are what set us apart when compared to competitors!
b) It helps our guest find the right mattress!
c) It makes shopping quicker for our guests!
d) It gives the guest an easy shopping process to follow!

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