General Science Review 11.2 Question Preview (ID: 15512)

Classifying Organisms.[print questions]

Scientists ______________ organisms so _______________________
a) classify; the organisms are easier to study
b) classify; the organisms have proper names
c) taxonomize; the organisms have proper names
d) taxonomize; the organisms are easier to study

How many levels of classification are there?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 5

Binomial nomenclature is not
a) a 3 part name
b) a scientific name
c) unique
d) Linnaes' naming system

In binomial nomenclature an organisms __________ comes first
a) genus
b) species
c) family
d) order

a ___________ is a group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring
a) species
b) genus
c) family
d) order

What is the scientific study of how organisms are classified?
a) taxonomy
b) classification
c) observation
d) nomenclature

What tool is useful to identify organisms?
a) taxonomic keys
b) classification
c) classification keys
d) taxonomy

____________ is the process by which species gradually change over time
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) segregation
d) overpopulation

What species would be classified more closely together?
a) species with similar evolutionary histories
b) species with differing evolutionary histories
c) species with more shared characteristics
d) 2 of the choices

What might prompt scientists to change the way they classify organisms?
a) finding an organism that doesn't fit in any of the categories
b) studying the chemical makeup of organisms
c) 2 of the choices
d) none of the choices

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