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What is a Digital Citizenship Policy?
a) A law that says you have to be nice to people
b) Software on your computer
c) A paper you sign that says you agree to use computers and other digital tools appropriately
d) A new game

What is netiquette?
a) How you take care of a basketball net
b) Using good manners while you are online (not bullying, not typing in all caps, etc.)
c) Rules made up by a girl called Netty
d) A paper you sign that says you promise to follow computer rules

What do you do when you are online if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable?
a) Tell a trusted adult
b) Call the police
c) Shut off your computer
d) Scream

Why should you not share your Student ID number with others?
a) Someone could take your projects and say they are theirs
b) Someone could change computer settings and you would be held responsible for this
c) Someone could pretend they are you while online and send mean emails to others
d) All of these

Never click on this if you see one on your computer screen.
a) mouse
b) pop-up or advertisement
c) picture
d) word

What does being online mean?
a) The computer is on
b) The computer is plugged in
c) Playing games on the Internet
d) Using the Internet to access web sites

What is a network?
a) A group of computers
b) A group of animals
c) Computer cables
d) A printer

This tells the computer what to do.
a) People
b) Software
c) Electricity
d) My teacher

This is the law that says that if you use someone's work, you have to give them credit for creating it.
a) copyright
b) copycat
c) constitution
d) copy law

It's important to do this before you type something while online.
a) Say please
b) Think about what you are going to say and how others will understand it
c) Sneeze
d) Get a lot of sleep

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