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(v) make a single completed movement with part of the body, as in swimming, rowing, or in petting an animal
a) stroke
b) pat
c) nuzzle
d) row

(v) to bring together into confusedly intertwisted threads or other similar parts
a) tangle
b) braid
c) wrap
d) weave

(adj) easily damaged, needing careful treatment
a) delicate
b) shattered
c) invincible
d) resilient

(prep) in the middle of or surrounded by other things
a) among
b) beside
c) beyond
d) through

(v) fly or move quickly and lightly
a) flit
b) float
c) stroke
d) lift

(v) rain in very small light drops
a) drizzle
b) flit
c) plummet
d) fog

(n) black powder composed mainly of carbon, produced when coal, wood, etc. is burned:
a) soot
b) gravel
c) grime
d) fuzz

(v) make a high noise while breathing because of some breathing difficulty
a) wheeze
b) shriek
c) whistle
d) inhale

(adj) extremely interesting
a) fascinating
b) incriminating
c) thrilling
d) bizarre

(adv) in a way that is unusual, unexpected, or difficult to understand
a) strangely
b) idiotically
c) sagely
d) insincerely

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