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What are bullet points used for?
a) to show a list
b) to show what page a chapter or heading begins
c) to tell the meaning of words
d) to show excitement

Where can you go to find what page a chapter or heading is on?
a) glossary
b) text box
c) table of contents
d) index

What does the author use to explain a photograph or diagram?
a) text box
b) index
c) caption
d) bold print

Where can you find the meaning of words that you don\'t know in a text?
a) index
b) glossary
c) bold print
d) text feature

What are labels used for?
a) to show excitement
b) to tell the reader to change their voice
c) to tell you what page a chapter or heading is on
d) to explain the parts of a photograph or diagram

_________ are words with slanted letters that let the reader know to change his or her voice.
a) italics
b) heading
c) caption
d) bold print

A __________ can be a picture, chart, or map in a text.
a) diagram
b) table of contents
c) heading
d) glossary

What do you use an index for?
a) to tell you the parts of a picture or diagram
b) to tell you what page you can find a word on
c) to tell you what that part of the text is about
d) to tell you the meaning of words

What are the titles used in a text to tell the reader what that part is about?
a) index
b) text features
c) headings
d) table of contents

What are words called that show excitement and are darker and bigger than the other words?
a) italics
b) bold print
c) caption
d) heading

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