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The Start Of The Cold War.[print questions]

During the Cold War, the United States used the policy of containment to limit the spread of
a) communism
b) parliamentary democracy
c) absolute monarchy
d) fascism

The Korean War and the Berlin Airlift are both associated with the
a) Progressive Era
b) New Deal
c) Great Society
d) Cold War

The Marshall Plan, the Berlin Airlift and the formation of NATO were all steps taken by the United States during the
a) Cold War
b) Korean War
c) Vietnam War
d) Persian Gulf War

The Truman Doctine and the Marshall Plan were associated with efforts by the United States to
a) end the testing of nuclear weapons
b) contain the spread of communism
c) strengthen its isolationist policy
d) punish war criminals

President Harry Truman supported a containment policy after World War II in an attempt to
a) limit the use of atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons
b) end colonialism in Africa and Asia
c) bring German and Japanese criminals to justice
d) reduce the influence of the Soviet Union in European countries

The goal of President Harry Truman's Fair Deal was to
a) continue reforms begun during Franklin Roosevelt's presidency
b) decrease government spending on social welfare programs
c) reduce taxes on large corporations and wealthy individuals
d) restore domestic policies that existed in the 1920s

What conclusion can best be drawn from the United States involvement in the Korean War?
a) The Cold War extended beyond direct conflict with the Soviet Union
b) Popular wars have assured the reelection of incumbent presidents
c) War is the best way to support developing nations
d) The threat of nuclear was is necessary to settle a military conflict

What was a major outcome of the Korean War?
a) Korea continued to be a divided nation
b) North Korea became an ally of the United States
c) South Korea became a communist nation
d) Control of Korea was turned over to the United Nations

The growth of McCarthyism in the early 1950s was based on
a) public fear concerning the spread of communism
b) outrage over government corruption
c) dissatisfaction with the results of World War II
d) opposition to the policy of containment

The main reason NATO was formed after World War II was to
a) provide security against international Communist aggression
b) increase trade between European nations
c) encourage people to people peaceful diplomacy
d) rebuild Western European economies

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