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a) Data
b) Frames
c) Packets
d) Segment

a) Segments
b) Data
c) Counseling
d) Packets

Data Link
a) I have no Idea
b) Frames
c) Bits
d) Packets

a) Jason Christ
c) Data
d) Stacy White

a) The Transporter
b) Cold Clock
c) Crank
d) Segments

a) Packets
b) Frames
c) Packing
d) Package

a) Bytes
b) Pebbles
c) Bits
d) Nibbles

Host Layer
a) Application
b) Data Link
c) Transit
d) Trasport

Who is Our Hero?
a) Obama
b) MJ. Edwin Howard Armstrong 3
c) Mike Smith
d) Papi

Who is Jason Christy? Who is Stacy White? Can they be TRUSTED??
a) Hmm....
b) Stacy's Character is Questionable
c) Can you Trust a Terrorist?
d) You Can't Trust Jason*

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