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the type of geometry that creates broken patterns out of a smaller version of a design
a) fractals
b) fraction
c) fragile
d) frail

a part of a whole; a broken piece of something that is no longer whole
a) fraction
b) fracture
c) fragment
d) infraction

a break in a part of the body
a) fracture
b) fragile
c) fragmented
d) refract

so delicate that it could break easily; easily damaged
a) fragile
b) fragment
c) frail
d) suffrage

an incomplete sentence; a break in a sentence
a) fragment
b) fragmented
c) infraction
d) fractals

describes something that is broken into pieces
a) fragmented
b) frail
c) refract
d) fraction

being easily broken or destroyed
a) frail
b) infraction
c) suffrage
d) fracture

a broken rule; a violation
a) infraction
b) refract
c) fractals
d) fragile

to bend light so that it looks like it is broken
a) refract
b) suffrage
c) fraction
d) fragment

to break into an issue; to vote
a) suffrage
b) fractals
c) fracture
d) fragmented

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