Battle Of Lexington And Concord Question Preview (ID: 15447)

This Game Is Based On The Colonial Intelligence, Militia, Warned, And Returns March That Happened During The Battle Of Lexington And Concord.[print questions]

How did the colonial leader learn of the British plan to destroy the secret stash of weapons?
a) Spies in London
b) The King
c) The President of the United States
d) The Queen

The colonists felt confident the supplies were safe, but were concerned about the
a) Safety of King Henry
b) Safety of Samuel Adams and John Hancock
c) Food supply
d) Protecting the President

The term alarm and muster refers to
a) Surrender
b) Retreat
c) deploy local militia during an emergency
d) stand fast and hide in the basement

During the British armies return trip from Concord to Lexington, what did the colonists do?
a) Attacked the British with a guerrilla style warfare
b) Stood along the road and cheered the British military
c) Sang the Star Spangled Banner
d) Ran away

The Bloody Curve refers to the
a) Devastating curve ball
b) Site of an ambush on the British by colonial militia
c) 18th century drink
d) Rare steak

What statement best describes the first shot fired at Lexington?
a) It was a well calculated attack
b) It was predetermined to fire no matter what the circumstance
c) It happened during severe confusion
d) It was ordered by George Washington

What statement best describes what we now know about the first shot at Lexington?
a) We cannot be sure who fired the first shot
b) It was definitely one of the front line colonial men
c) It was definitely one of the front line British regular army men
d) It was definitely a female

The system that Paul Revere and other riders used to warn people was known as
a) Compass capture avoidance
b) Alarm and muster
c) British welcome bell
d) Mustard and alert

Which riders were sent to alert Adams and Hancock of the potential danger to their safety?
a) Revere and Dawes
b) Bush and Reagan
c) Washington and Jefferson
d) Revere and Washington

Which of the following were not one of the first colonists killed at Lexington?
a) Monroe
b) Brown
c) Harrington
d) Munroe

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