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What time do we need to be ready for Drop-Off & Pick-Up to begin (cart out, people at stations, mentally prepared, etc!)
a) 8:30am & 4:00pm
b) What is drop off & pick up?
c) 7:40am & 4:25pm
d) 7:30am & 5:30pm

When do we clock in?
a) An hour before so we get dat moniessss $$$$$
b) 5 minutes after
c) no more than 5 minutes before clock-in time
d) Just don't clock-in

What do we do with activity plans?
a) We try all of them to see if the campers like them & then write feedback on DAR.
b) We say “No thanks” and play your own games.
c) We throw them away and say “Peaches & Nemo you stink”
d) We ball them up and throw them at the kids.

What is the first thing the campers should do when they get to the climbing wall?
a) Break out in a synchronized Ice Cream & Cake Dance
b) Practice for the 2016 Olympics by doing Gymnastics Routines on the Pads
c) See how many people we can get on the wall at one time
d) Place bags in cubbies & sit quietly on the edge of the pads to wait instruction from the CW Staff.

At lunch, what time do we go back for seconds & desert?
a) When the afternoon Counselors arrive
b) Whenever we want
c) Never
d) 12:00nn & with a Counselor

At what time do we step foot onto the pool deck floor?
a) 1:45pm (when we have two groups swimming) or 2:45pm (when we have one group swimming)
b) 1:58pm (two groups) or 2:58 (one group)
c) 2:00pm ( two groups) or 3:00pm (one group)
d) 2:10pm (two groups) or 3:10pm (one group)

What should the group do before moving sites, no matter what?
a) The Hokey Pokey
b) Clean-Up/Put Away Everything
c) Stop, Drop & Roll
d) The Robot

What should everyone do with our radio’s at least once a day?
a) Give one of the Directors a “Green Call”
b) Play a joke and call in a “Red Call”
c) Throw them into duck pond
d) Horse around on the radio so Joe Carter can hear and get mad

What are DAR’s for?
a) To see the day’s plans and make comments to help our beautiful Programmers
b) To not write comments because Peaches and Nemo don’t need them
c) This answer is wrong.
d) So is this one.

In order to know we have the all campers, when should we do head counts?
a) What are head counts?
b) Tie them together by their shoe strings so we do not have to do head counts
c) Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.. whenever.
d) Every time we move the campers & every 15-20 minutes.

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