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What does cartographers mean?
a) a person who makes maps
b) a person who draws
c) a person who carries objects
d) a person who invents carts

What does tollbooth mean?
a) a place where trolls live
b) a place where tolls are made
c) a booth where money is collected
d) a place where booths stored

What does precautionary mean?
a) to head straight into danger
b) an action taken to avoid dangerous events
c) to stay on the wrong path
d) an object of caution

a) ready to start
b) a thought
c) a pattern
d) a place to visit

a) lacking in variety
b) exciting
c) lots of work
d) reading a book

a) active
b) happy
c) drowsy
d) sad

a) choice
b) rule or law
c) free will
d) question

a) make up your mind
b) ask
c) decide the right choice
d) guess

a) to do it right away
b) to put off till another time or day
c) to get started
d) to be a pro at casting

a) whine or complain
b) go for a run
c) engage in thought
d) do a job

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