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I'm not afraid ________ (go) on a job interview
a) at going
b) for going
c) of going
d) by going

I want to improve my computer skills ______ (take) a class.
a) about takeing
b) about taking
c) by takeing
d) by taking

I plan _______ (paint) my neighbor's house this summer.
a) on painting
b) for painting
c) by painting
d) of painting

Joy wants ________ (work) with children.
a) working
b) to work
c) by working
d) work

Jun doesn't mind ________ (take) risks.
a) to take
b) to taking
c) taking
d) for taking

Do you intend ________ (learn) more computer skills?
a) to learn
b) learning
c) for learning
d) to learning

Jean Paul hopes _________ (become) an engineer.
a) becomeing
b) become
c) to become
d) by becoming

Kate thanked her career counselor _______ (suggest) a helpful website.
a) in suggesting
b) of suggesting
c) to suggest
d) for suggesting

Tanya is thinking ______ (study) dentistry.
a) about studying
b) on studying
c) to studying
d) study

You can prepare for the interview ______ (prepare) your resume.
a) about preparing
b) at preparing
c) by preparing
d) for preparing

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