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Which statement about the Protestant Reformation is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) German princes revolted against the Holy Roman Empire
b) Membership in the Catholic Church declined in northern Europe
c) European reigious unity was disrupted by the newly established religions
d) Henry VIII led a stronger religious reform movement than Martin Luther did

One similarity between Martin Luther and Henry VIII is that they
a) argued against the establishment of a theocratic state
b) protested against the ideas of the Enlightenment
c) died during the Reign of Terror
d) challenged the teachings of the Catholic Church

What innovation had the greatest impact on the Protestant Reformation
a) movable-type printing press
b) Mercator map projection
c) magnetic compass
d) triangular sail

In western Europe, Martin Luther's Ninety-five Theses and Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy led to
a) an end to Christian unity
b) a strengthening of economic unity
c) better relations between peasants and merchants
d) fewer violent outbreak between ethnic groups

In the early 1500s, Marthin Luthers Ninety-five Theses, Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy, and John Calvings Institutes of the Christian Religion contributed to
a) a decline in the power of the Catholic Church
b) an increased sense of nationalism in Tudor England
c) the growing power of the feudal nobility in Europe
d) a major conflict among Eastern Orthodox Christians

Which action could be considered an effect of the Protestant Reformation?
a) posting of the Ninety-five Theses
b) decline in the power of the Roman Catholic Church
c) sale of indulgences
d) end of religious warfare

One way Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII were similar is that they all were
a) Latin American revolutionary leaders
b) Reformation leaders
c) Impressionist painters
d) divine right monarchs

An important effect of the Protestant Reformation in Europe was that it strengthened the
a) power of monarchies
b) power of the pope
c) belief in polytheism
d) unity of Europe

Luther posting the Ninety-five Theses, Calvin preaching the theory of predestination, and Henry VIII siginging the Act of Supremacy all occurred during the
a) Crusades
b) Neolithic Revolution
c) Protestant Reformation
d) Glorious Revolution

One impact Gutenberg's printing press had on western Europe was
a) the spread of Martin Luther's ideas
b) a decrease in the number of universities
c) a decline in literacy
d) the unification of the Holy Roman Empire

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