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A cell's chromosomes contain
a) genes
b) eggs
c) sperm
d) chlorophyll

Which process is a cause of variation in a species?
a) metamorphosis
b) regulation
c) sexual reproduction
d) cellular respiration

In which part of a plant cell does photosynthesis occur?
a) nucleus
b) cell wall
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

Which sequence represents the correct levels of organization for multicellular organisms?
a) cell > tissue > organ > organ system
b) cell > organ > tissue > organ system
c) organ system > organ > cell > tissue
d) tissue > organ > cell > organ system

Which gas is transported by the circulatory system in humans and is used by cells during respiration to release energy stored in food?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) nitrogen

What eventually happens to a species when the environment changes and the organisms do NOT adapt?
a) classification
b) regulation
c) extinction
d) development

Abnormal cell division may result in
a) disease prevention
b) cancer
c) metamorphosis
d) tissue repair

The bacteria and fungi that break down the plant can animal materials and puts nutrients back in the soil are classified as
a) consumers
b) producers
c) predators
d) decomposers

Herbivores obtain most of their energy by
a) consuming animals
b) absorbing sunlight
c) producing sugar
d) consuming plants

A biological community is made up of all the
a) populations living in an area
b) environments on Earth
c) members of a species on Earth
d) natural resources present in an area

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