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During school hours the correct cell phone ringer setting is
a) low
b) vibrate
c) specialized ring tone
d) high

Handheld computers and smartphones should be used in class for
a) exchanging ideas from class discussion
b) helping friends get the answers
c) playing games
d) sending notes during a teacher’s lecture

E-mail messages should be
a) long and full of details
b) sent to as many recipients as you can
c) short and to the point
d) sent without a subject line

Instant Messaging (IM) is a good tool for
a) sharing what happened in class with friends
b) discussing class topics
c) talking to friends when bored in class
d) inviting people outside the school into the discussion

The most appropriate use of technology in schools is to
a) do research only
b) find resources to help learn the class topics
c) write class papers only
d) play games during class

Online learning is
a) difficult and not worth the time
b) not well understood by students
c) like trying to take a class without a teacher
d) being tested in many school districts

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities are:
a) necessary for some users to access information
b) seen as just an additional expense
c) expensive relative to regular technology
d) needed for a few students

The differences between those with access to digital technology and those without is
a) not a big deal because all technology is a luxury
b) something that can never be fixed
c) a concern that needs to be addressed by the school/district
d) not a priority for school/districts

Digital technology-based assignments should be
a) avoided because some students may not have access to technology at home
b) integrated into the classroom
c) approached cautiously for fear of offending someone
d) assigned for out-of-class work only

Purchasing goods and services online is
a) a waste of time because goods sold on the Internet are a scam
b) something that everyone has learned at home
c) not a skill to be overlooked by schools
d) not needed by students in schools

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