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Compared with halogens, an alkali metal in the same period has ________ electronegativity.
a) larger
c) the same
d) smaller

Which of the following sets of elements are in the alkaline earth metals?
a) F, Cl, Br, I
b) Be, Mg, Ca, Sr
c) Li, Na, K, Rb
d) He, Ne, Xe, Ar

Which member of the alkaline metals has the highest electronegativity?
a) Lithium (Li)
b) Rubidium (Rb)
c) Potassium (K)
d) Sodium (Na)

Order the following elements from highest to lowest electronegativity. K, Sc, Ca, Zn, Br
a) Sc, K, Br, Zn, Ca
b) Br, Zn, Sc, Ca, K
c) K, Ca, Sc, Zn, Br
d) Ca, Zn, Br, K, Sc

Which of the following is the correct definition for electronegativity?
a) The amount of energy to attract or bond electrons
b) Half the distance between the nuclei of two bonded atoms
c) The amount of energy required to remove an electron
d) All of the above correctly explain electronegativity

Free question :) CHOOSE A !!
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

Which of the two elements attracts electrons more strongly, Sodium (Na) or Fluorine (F)?
a) Fluorine (F)
b) Sodium (Na)

You just discovered a new element, why is the periodic table helpful?
a) Scientists can predict chemical and physical properties because of other elements in its family.
b) Scientists can send it to space
c) So scientists can have the chance to name an element after themselves.
d) The periodic table is not helpful at all!

Which of the following words is most similar to the word trend?
a) true
b) change
c) pattern
d) same

Nd is an element in which of the following groups?
a) Halogens
b) Lanthanide series
c) Actinide series
d) Noble Gases

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