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Ionization energy increases down a group because the number of protons increases and it's more difficult to lose electrons because they are being pulled closer.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following has the largest ionization energy?
a) N
b) Si
c) P
d) Al

Which of the following elements has the lowest ionization energy?
a) Lithium (Li)
b) Sodium (Na)
c) Cesium (Cs)
d) Rubidium (Rb)

Order the elements in decreasing ionization energy. Na, S, Al, F, K, O
a) Na, S, F, K, O, Al
b) Al, O, K, F, S, Na
c) K, Na, Al, S, O, F
d) F, O, S, Al, Na, K

What is the definition of ionization energy?
a) The energy required to remove an electron
b) The energy required to add an electron
c) The amount of energy to attract or bond an electron
d) None of the above are correct

Which of the following best explains why ionization energy decreases down a group?
a) Ionization energy decreases because electrons are closer and require more energy to remove.
b) Ionization energy increases, because electrons are closer to the nucleus.
c) Ionization energy decreases because electrons are further away and require less energy to remove.
d) None of the above.

Which has the set of elements has the element with the highest ionization energy?
a) Al, Si, Ge, F, N, K
b) N, Xe, Rn, Fr
c) N, O, C, H, S
d) Mg, Ca, Be, B, N

Mg, Be, Ca, Sr are all in the same __________.
a) Group
b) Period

True or false. There are 18 periods and 7 groups.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following elements is in period 6 and group 4?
a) Hf
b) Ge
c) C
d) Zr

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