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Identify the reactants.
a) Water
b) fwef
c) Hydrogen Peroxide
d) Ice

Describe a product.
a) Produces light or heat.
b) Formation of precipitation.
c) Used up in a reaction; on right side of equation.
d) Used up in a reaction; on left side of equation.

What does an exothermix reaction occur?
a) It produces energy.
b) fwef
c) It reflects energy.
d) It absorbs energy.

a) rwerwe
b) rwerw
c) wrewe
d) werwer

a) grg
b) grgrg
c) grgrgr
d) rgrgrgrg

a) rr
b) rrg
c) r
d) rg

a) b
b) n
c) t
d) w

a) e
b) s
c) x
d) c

a) v
b) b
c) n
d) m

a) we
b) rer
c) fdf
d) ssds

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