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Neutrality Proclamation
a) US would support Britain
b) US would support France
c) US would support both sides
d) US wouldn't support either side

a) did not support foreign trade
b) did not oppose foreign trade
c) did not oppose an alliance with Britain
d) did not oppose an alliance with France

Republicans supported
a) Washington
b) Jefferson
c) Hamilton
d) Adams

Federalists supported
a) Washington
b) Jefferson
c) Hamilton
d) Adams

Who won the election of 1800
a) Jefferson
b) Burr
c) Hamilton
d) Washington

Who killed Alexander Hamilton
a) Aaron Burr
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) John Adams

How did the US gain control of the Mississippi
a) The Declaration of Independence
b) The Louisiana Purchase
c) The Pinckney Treaty
d) The Bill of Rights

Who was chosen to explore after the Louisiana Purchase
a) Meriwether Lewis
b) William Clark
c) Lewis and Clark
d) Christopher Columbus

Who won the Battle of New Orleans
a) British
b) French
c) Americans
d) Canadians

What treaty was summoned up by the quote Nothing was adjusted Nothing was settled
a) Treaty of the War of 1812
b) Treaty of New Orleans
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Treaty of Ghent

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