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The energy role of a black bear is that of a consumer because
a) it can make its own food
b) it can't make its own food
c) it breaks down dead organisms
d) it sleeps

An area determines its biome based mostly on
a) climate - temperature and precipitation
b) climate - temperature and species
c) climate - precipitation and species
d) species and plants

This biome contains more species of plants and animals that all the other biomes combined.
a) boreal forest
b) savannah
c) temperate rainforest
d) tropical rainforest

Elephants, bison, antelopes, and zebras are
a) omnivores
b) producers
c) herbivores
d) carnivores

Deciduous trees
a) never shed their leaves
b) shed their leaves and grow new ones each year
c) shed their leaves and grow new ones every month
d) shed their leaves and never grow new ones

Oak, maple, and beech trees, which lose their leaves each year, are typically found in a
a) boreal forest
b) deciduous forest
c) coniferous forest
d) rainforest

You live in a ___________ biome.
a) boreal forest
b) tropical rainforest
c) tundra
d) deciduous forest

The two types of aquatic ecosystems are
a) fresh water and salt water
b) fresh water and lakes
c) salt water and rivers
d) ponds and oceans

Which organisms are producers?
a) squirrels, trees, and frogs
b) frogs, lizards, and fish
c) grasses, trees, and bushes
d) dragonflies, bears, and fish

Which organisms are consumers?
a) grasses, trees, and cattails
b) fish, frogs, and trees
c) bears, cattails, and squirrels
d) frogs, dragonflies, and fish

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