Chemical Bonds And RXNs Question Preview (ID: 15388)

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Atoms form bonds to become more stable.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following are properties of ionic compounds?
a) high melting points
b) crystalline structure
c) good conductors when in solution
d) all of these

Covalent compounds are made up of:
a) metals
b) nonmetals
c) metalloids
d) both metals and nonmetals

How many bonds can Nitrogen make?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 14
d) 3

The starting materials of a chemical reaction are known as:
a) Ingredients
b) Products
c) Reactants
d) Catalysts

Water comes together when it is spilled because it is:
a) magnetic
b) static
c) nonpolar
d) polar

Two or more molecules come together to make a larger molecule during a:
a) replacement reaction
b) decomposition reaction
c) synthesis reaction

When balancing a chemical equation, you may only change the:
a) subscripts
b) coefficients
c) products
d) reactants

The law of conservation of mass says that matter cannot be created or destroyed.
a) True
b) False

Salt (NaCl) would be an example of a(n):
a) covalent compound
b) ionic compound
c) metallic compound

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