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Final Exam Review Part D.[print questions]

Potential Energy is:
a) energy of motion.
b) stored energy.
c) energy that is spontaneously created.
d) energy that has been destroyed.

A person sweeping a floor would be an example of a:
a) 1st class lever
b) 2nd class lever
c) 3rd class lever

Both work and energy can be measured in:
a) newtons
b) watts
c) horsepower
d) joules

On a roller coaster, the bottom of a steep hill would feature a high level of:
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy

Which of the following simple machines make up a pair of scissors?
a) pulley
b) lever
c) wedge
d) both lever and wedge

A crane does 4000 J of work in 5 seconds. What is the power of the crane?
a) 20000 watts
b) 40000 watts
c) 800 watts
d) 1600 watts

What is the kinetic energy of a 23 kg cart going 9 m/s?
a) 932 J
b) 207 J
c) 2.6 J
d) 186.3 J

A light bulb is considered to be doing work because it is converting electrical energy into light and thermal energy.
a) True
b) False

A 59,000 kg on the edge of a 200 m high cliff would have a potential energy of:
a) 11,800,000 J
b) 295 J
c) 118,000,000 J

12 HP is equivalent to:
a) 62.2 watts
b) 8952 watts
c) .016 watts
d) 150 watts

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