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A graduated cylinder is used to measure:
a) Mass
b) Area
c) Temperature
d) Volume

6700 meters is equal to:
a) 6.7 km
b) All of these.
c) 6700000 mm
d) 670 Dm

Weight is different than mass because it:
a) is a force affected by gravity.
b) None of these.
c) is a chemical property of matter.
d) is how big the object is.

4.5 miles / hr is equal to:
a) 45 m / sec
b) 25 ft / sec
c) 201 cm / sec
d) 450 km / hr

Volume can be measured in:
a) grams
b) Both cm3 and ml
c) ml
d) cm3

A testable prediction is typically known as a(n):
a) observation
b) law
c) conclusion
d) hypothesis

When measuring mass, a useful tool would be a(n):
a) graduated cylinder
b) calorimeter
c) triple beam balance
d) ruler

The smallest measurement would be:
a) 100 dm
b) They are all the same.
c) .10 hm
d) 10 m

The Scientific Method usually starts with:
a) a question or an observation.
b) a hypothesis
c) a conclusion
d) an experiment

The density of an object:
a) is how massive it is.
b) is none of these.
c) is the ratio of its mass and volume.
d) is how much space it takes up.

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