SS 7 2013 Final Question Preview (ID: 15363)

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What is the American Free Enterprise System
a) Government plays a limited role in the economy
b) Government has an unlimited role in the economy
c) Government has all of the economic power
d) Government has no economic power

Which belief is central to Native Americans
a) respect for food
b) respect for nature
c) respect for money
d) respect for gold

Why was the pilgrim colony named Plymouth
a) It was a common last name
b) it is another name for pilgrim
c) the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England
d) it means peace

What happened at town meetings
a) voted for presidents
b) discussions and voting
c) ate dinner
d) ate dessert

Proclamation of 1763
a) imaginary line that kept settlers from moving west of the Applachians
b) a long speech
c) imaginary line for the Indians
d) a bedtime story

Stamp Act
a) tax on mail
b) tax on shoes
c) tax on legal documents
d) tax on sugar

a) new taxes
b) refusal to buy things
c) cancellation
d) signed, written request

a) a sale
b) cancellation
c) refusal to buy certain goods or services
d) parade

a) cancel
b) revisit
c) repeat
d) renew

Townshend Acts
a) tax on sugar
b) tax on stamps
c) tax on clothes
d) tax on glass, paper, paint, lead and tea

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