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Which of the following would NOT be found in a MLA parenthetical citation?
a) Author's last name (if available)
b) Date published
c) First 2-3 words of the title
d) Page numbers

Which part of the essay is the 3+ sentences that make up the bulk of a body paragraph and explain/support a topic sentence?
a) Modified Roadmap
b) Brick
c) Conclusion Sentence
d) Details/Examples

Which part of the essay begins a body paragraph and states what that paragraph will be about?
a) Challenge
b) Conclusion Sentence
c) Topic Sentence
d) Brick

Which part of the essay lists the three topics that will prove or explain the thesis?
a) Roadmap
b) Detail/Example
c) Modified Thesis
d) Topic Sentence

Which part of the essay wraps up a body paragraph and transitions into the next paragraph?
a) Challenge
b) Topic Sentence
c) Conclusion Sentence
d) Roadmap

Which part of the essay is the first sentence, meant to grab the reader's attention?
a) Brick
b) Conclusion Sentence
c) Modified Thesis
d) Title

Which part of the essay states the topic discussed in the essay?
a) Detail or Example
b) Modified Roadmap
c) Topic Sentence
d) Thesis

Which part of the essay is the final sentence, meant to connect the topic to the reader?
a) Brick
b) Challenge
c) Thesis
d) Roadmap

Plagiarism is…
a) An acceptable way (when accompanied by documentation) to borrow from a source
b) Another person’s words or ideas passed off as your own
c) The same as paraphrasing
d) Okay as long as you don’t get caught

Which of the following does NOT need to be included in a MLA Works Cited citation of a website?
a) Author's name (if available)
b) Date information was accessed
c) URL or web address
d) Title of article

Which of the following is NOT a research resource provided by the school?
a) Kindle Library
b) Online Card Catalog (OPAC)
c) Opposing Viewpoints
d) Galegroup Databases

Which of the following is NOT a resource for making your works cited page?
a) easybib.com
b) citationmachine.com
c) sparknotes.com
d) makecitation.com

Which of the following is NOT a usually reliable URL?
a) .edu
b) .gov
c) .org
d) .com

Which of the following is NOT a Boolean search you can use to narrow your findings when using Google or another search engine?
a) putting a phrase in quotations: “2013 NFL playoffs“
b) questions: ?2013 NFL playoffs?
c) negative search: Pandora -radio OR Pandora NOT radio
d) AND search: Pandora AND radio

Which of the following is NOT part of the CARDS system for checking the reliability of a website?
a) Data
b) Credible
c) Sources
d) Appearance

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