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How far is the island of Gran Canaria from Africa?
a) 100 km
b) 200 km
c) 150 km
d) 250 km

What year was Las Palmas de GC founded?
a) In 1403
b) In 1478
c) In 1492
d) In 1503

Who were the Faicanes?
a) Shepherd
b) Doctors
c) Kings
d) Priests

In Guanche language sansofe means ...
a) Hello
b) Welcome
c) Good bye
d) Sorry

What is a garoe?
a) A poisonous fruit
b) A Guanche vigin
c) An ancient temple
d) a sacred tree

In a lagar people make ...
a) sugar
b) wine
c) cheese
d) corn flower

What is a capirote?
a) A bird
b) A hat
c) A stone
d) A silly man

A tajinaste is ...
a) a dish
b) a fish
c) a plant
d) a dance

Nestor de la Torre was a ...
a) Modernist painter
b) Impressionist painter
c) Cubist painter
d) Surrealist painter

Who wrote Las Rosas de Hercules?
a) Alonso Quesada
b) Agustin Millares
c) Tomas Morales
d) Pedro Garcia Cabrera

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