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What is the formula used to calculate speed?
a) speed = distance X time
b) speed = distance/time
c) speed = time/distance
d) speed = distance + acceleration

A car travels 20 miles in 2 minutes. What is its speed?
a) 10 miles/min
b) 20 miles/min
c) 5 miles/min
d) 2 miles/min

Which of the following is NOT an example of velocity?
a) a bug crawls 3 m/s west
b) a biker rides 20 km/hr northeast
c) a car drives 60 miles/hour west
d) a sail boat sails 40 km/hr

The mail truck is driving 25 miles/hr through your neighborhood. 5 seconds later it comes to a stop in front of your house. What is its acceleration?
a) -10 miles/hr2
b) 5 miles/hr2
c) -5 miles/hr2
d) 10 miles/hr2

What SPECIFIC part of the plant allows it to make its own food?
a) cell
b) organs
c) chloroplasts
d) roots

Stored energy or energy of position is called:
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) electric energy
d) thermal energy

Plants convert carbon dioxide and __________ to sugar and ___________.
a) carbon dioxide; oxygen
b) nitrogen; oxygen
c) oxygen; carbon dioxide
d) carbon dioxide; sunlight

Which is NOT a type of tissue?
a) epithelial
b) connective
c) peripheral
d) nervous

Which of the following is an organ?
a) skin
b) veins
c) nervous tissue
d) brain cell

Which of the following makes one element different from another element?
a) number of electrons
b) number of protons
c) number of neutrons
d) number of orbitals

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