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The root hyper indicates
a) beyond
b) excited
c) bored
d) happy

Aqueduct deals with
a) ducks
b) water
c) plants
d) none of these

The root that means heart is
a) phono
b) cardio
c) calli
d) none of these

Phonograph literally means
a) Beautiful writing
b) Writing with light
c) Writing with sound
d) none of these

Mnes means
a) Peace
b) Memory
c) Eat
d) none of these

A 10-sided figure is (choose the best)
a) octogon
b) polygone
c) decagon
d) none of these

a) Peace
b) Memory
c) Eat
d) none of these

a) Peace
b) Memory
c) Eat
d) none of these

Demo means
a) Government
b) Knowledge
c) People
d) none of these

Mono means
a) Zero
b) One
c) Two
d) Many

Dyna means
a) power
b) government
c) witness
d) none of these

a) Love
b) Life
c) Knowledge
d) none of these

Psych- means
a) study of
b) government
c) mind
d) none of these

Agoraphobia means
a) fear of spiders
b) happiness and joy
c) fear of public places
d) none of these

Philo means
a) love
b) hate
c) brother
d) sister

Dictation deals with
a) Seeing
b) Hoping
c) Running
d) speaking

The prefix anti- means
a) Hopeful
b) For
c) Against
d) Wanting

The prefix pre- means
a) Before
b) After
c) Against
d) None of these

Thesis means
a) To see
b) Claim/Idea
c) To love
d) To go

Manu as seen in manuscript means
a) Hand
b) Find
c) Fear
d) Try

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