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Reconciling your bank statement with your check register:
a) should be done each month to discover banking errors or if someone has unauthorized access to your a
b) cannot help you discover if someone has stolen access to your account
c) is not necessary because the banks never make a mistake
d) none of the above

Formulas contained within spreadsheets:
a) are useful when re-using the spreadsheet with updated information
b) can be very helpful when working with a large number of cells within the spreadsheet
c) can be used with the sum, average, & ranking operations
d) all of the above

If you highlight just the numbers in a table and not the headings:
a) your graph that is created will contain the headings
b) your graph will be the same as if you highlight both the numbers & the headings
c) your graph will not have labels or headings
d) you cannot create a graph

When you convert your numbers spreadsheet into a PDF,
a) the spreadsheet can be shown in fewer computers
b) graphs are shown more clearly
c) formulas from the spreadsheet show up clearly
d) formulas contained in the spreadsheet are not shown

You create graphs from spreadsheet tables in order:
a) to quickly comprehend the information presented.
b) to make the spreadsheet look cool
c) to show how tech savy you are
d) none of the above

To start creating a formula in the cell of a spreadsheet:
a) type the word formula
b) type the = sign
c) right click in the cell & select sum
d) double click the cell & create the formula

Two spreadsheet software programs are:
a) Exel & Numbers
b) Pages & Numbers
c) Exel & Word
d) Word & Pages

The word processing program of Pages contains templates for:
a) both resumes and letters
b) neither resumes nor letters
c) letters but not resumes
d) resumes but not letters

Most search engines such as Google & Bing:
a) must use short cut key commands in its search for jobs
b) must use voice commands in its search for jobs
c) can use only four criteria in its search for jobs
d) can use boolean search commands to complete searches

Proofreading your cover letter & resume:
a) is essential since they should not contain any errors
b) should be done after they are sent
c) is not essential since everyone has errors on theirs
d) is optional because errors are expected

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