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When you open Keynote (or select File > New),:
a) it automatically goes to your last project
b) it opens up the Theme Chooser
c) it is password protected
d) you have only 1 template to open

Keynote is:
a) Apple's slide presentation application
b) installed as part of the iWork suite
c) very similar in capabilities to PowerPoint
d) all of the above

Two ways to add images into a Pages document are:
a) to drag & drop and from the insert menu, select Choose and navigate to the location of your image fi
b) Click on the file menu and pick insert image, & to copy & paste.
c) to highlight & move, and to drag & drop
d) there is only one way.

In a Pages document, you can add links to web pages or:
a) documents
b) emails
c) email addresses
d) none of the above

Pages supports two different types of templates:
a) Word Processing & Spreadsheet creation
b) Word Processing & Poster creation
c) Word Processing & Template Chooser
d) Word Processing & Page Layout

The main work area in Pages, where you add text, images & other content is called:
a) Document Canvas
b) Inspector
c) Page Thumbnail
d) Toolbar

You can export your Pages document into:
a) a very limited number of formats.
b) one format & that is Pages.
c) a wide variety of formats including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word
d) only the PDF format.

One shortcut to your downloads on your MacBook is:
a) located in the upper right hand part of your screen with a downward arrow.
b) always located as an icon on desktop
c) a hidden folder on your desktop
d) all of the above

To place a file into a folder on my MacBook,
a) type the folder name at the end of the file name
b) type the folder extension at the end of the file
c) click & drag the file over the folder
d) none of the above

File Folders are a great way to organize the files on your MacBook. To create a new folder:
a) you type new folder in the address bar.
b) you type new folder in spotlight search
c) you can click on the gear dropdown and choose new folder or right click on the list of files in find
d) click on edit tab in finder & click copy folder

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